• Community support for people

    self-isolating in



  • Do you need help whilst self-isolating?

    Kinross Kindness is a trusted group of over 50 local volunteers that have come together to provide support for:


    Collecting and dropping prescriptions


    Collecting and delivering shopping


    A friendly phone call

    General kindness

    General help like moving your bins around


    How it works


    Complete the form

    Complete our form or call

    01577 212036 (Mon to Fri 11am to 3pm)


    We find you a volunteer

    Our volunteers are ready to help.


    The kindness happens

    We are all here for each other


    The kindness happens

    We are all here for each other

  • Providing Safe Support at a Distance

    Protocol for Collections & Drop Offs

    • Shopper‘ calls business and orders products over the phone


    • Payment is made by the shopper directly to the business


    • Shopper confirms with business when the order will be ready for collection


    •  Shopper contact Kinross Kindness by form or phone to request support


    • Kinross Kindness will confirm request and match with a volunteer


    • Kinross Kindness will confirm with business that order is ready for collection
    • Volunteer will collect the order from the business


    • Volunteer will drop the order at the safe location specified by the ‘Shopper’ when they requested support


    • Volunteer will confirm delivery has been completed and inform Kinross Kindness


    • Kinross Kindness will confirm with Shopper that order is at the location and been received


    • Volunteer will sanitise before heading to the next location